Indeed, without strong confidence, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to take action and build momentum. With 20+ years of experience building her own and others’ confidence in the corporate world, Jane knows how important momentum is to staying motivated and consistent while being able to PERFORM and provide value long-term.

But, as it turns out, building confidence is not EASY when you’re trying to do it on your own. In fact, it’s probably one of the scariest activities there is.

Which is precisely why a mentor would have made the journey far easier for Jane—just as it would for anybody else.

Without a mentor she could trust, she had to learn the hard way for decades. That’s why she decided to leave her successful corporate career to share her talent with female entrepreneurs, helping them accelerate the confidence-building process through her exclusive Confidence Mentorship Program.

From becoming a TOP sales rep in Canada working for national brands like M&Ms to training over 250 people strategies for mastering public speaking while “having fun, building relationships and performing,” she has set herself apart in this industry.

As a result, she received every available bonus. She even earned a trip to Hawaii with her entire family as a reward for her record-setting performance.

But Jane’s story is not all ROSES and PERFECTION.

Just like you, she had her own limiting beliefs, and she’s been through loads of ups and downs as well as her fair share of dark moments and bad decisions.

But she’s learned to fully embrace that rollercoaster because, without it, she wouldn’t be able to put herself in your shoes or enjoy spending time with her 21-year-old son and husband, traveling the world while coaching her amazing clients.

I remember spending lot of time learning from my dad.

He was a passionate entrepreneur in the sales industry (which is probably why I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and ended up in the same industry), and I’ve always admired him for ONE quality above any other:

All of his clients used to say, “We love you, Bob.”

Not only did he care, my dad was naturally talented at building genuine relationships with people.

Using my dad as a model, I accumulated lot of experience in sales and management.

And then, one day, I walked into an interview.

I knew I was overqualified for the position at Mars, Inc., but I was convinced that a “YES” would open doors for greater challenges down the road.

They said “Yes” in an instant. They loved the fact that I had the ability to simply show up and get them results. But what they REALLY loved was the fact that I showed up as my true self and wasn’t as focused on my earnings potential (at first).

They hired me, and I ended up managing a list of stores with low market share.

Surprisingly, I also quickly discovered that stores’ owners literally HATED sales people like me.

But I remembered what my dad would have said: “If you want to get people’s trust, you have to go the extra mile.”

I decided to show up consistently, take my note pad to remember clients’ personal details, offer my own discount to them, and tap into my creativity to get extra projects and bonuses nobody else got.

I hustled during the week as well as on weekends.

This was a real challenge that definitely challenged my confidence from time to time, but it paid off.

When my contract ended, the store owners almost begged me to resign. But I said “No.”

I wanted more. I learned that I was more talented than I previously thought, and I recognized that I couldn’t listen to the critics anymore. I started owning my confidence, and it felt amazing!

That’s how I became, for the second time, a top rep and trainer while working for another company. This experience again elevated my creativity and confidence. And after 4 years of grind, I was untouchable.

… but something was missing.

I wanted to impact people in a more meaningful way.

I wanted to be my own boss -- have the freedom to work when I wanted, with whom I wanted and I was craving world-wide travel.

That’s how I ended up here.
I turned all my knowledge, talents and experiences into powerful coaching approaches to skyrocket other women’s confidence so they can build a meaningful business that will impact more Lives.

But wait a second…

You need to know one last thing about me.

I’m not SPECIAL. I’m not an ALIEN either. And if you develop enough confidence to quickly address your limiting beliefs, learn from them and take daily action, the world is yours too!

I’ve learned how to put myself first, stop comparing myself to others and start doing things I was really bad at, such as public speaking.

Trust me, as soon as you start taking action instead of simply admiring other people’s confidence, you’ll start admiring yourself for being as badass and relentless as you truly are.